Winewizard Aerator

Winewizard Smart 3-in-1 Wine Aerator

Ageing & Decanting Wine

Traditional Process

Oxygen ages wine.
Oxidisation is the main reason wine ages in the bottle. Low quantities of oxygen (around 1mg per year) pass through the cork. Oxygen slowly reacts with compounds in the wine, softening tannins, boosting flavours, and reducing sulfites, delivering a more expressive, well-rounded, and expensive-tasting wine.

Decanting lets it breath.
Ethanol aromas and other unwanted VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) like sulphides and
mercaptans that can mask the bouquet, evaporate from the wine over several hours.

Winewizard Process

What does Winewizard do?
• Winewizard accelerates the natural ageing and decanting process.
• Wine will taste, smell, and feel more expressive AND expensive.

How does Winewizard work?
• ‘Low oxygen bubbles’ instantly react with compounds in the wine, mimicking the effects of
bottle ageing.
• The bubbles Increase the surface area, speeding the evaporation effects of decanting.
• Oxygen molecules bond with the sulfites, neutralising them to harmless sulfates.

How long does it take?
• 1-2 seconds per 175ml (glass).
• 4-6 seconds per 750ml (bottle)

How do I use it?
• Place the diffuser stone into the wine, gently press the trigger for suggested time, remove, let the bubbles settle, and enjoy.

Which wines will it work on?
• Red, white, and rosé.
• Most wines regardless of price.

How long will it last?
• 1 cartridge will aerate approx. 80 bottles of wine.

How much does it cost?
• £49.95 RRP (incl. vat)
• 10p per 125ml (approx.)

Where are the target customers?
• Wine merchant – Off-trade
• Kitchen accessory retailers
• Department stores
• Gifting outlets
• On-trade

Please email for advice and sales to suit a specific need.