Hire Zalto Glasses

Please email general@winerackd.uk to enquire about price and availability, should you wish to hire Zalto glasses for your dinner, tasting or event.
To learn where Zalto can be purchased in the UK, please click HERE

Presently, the glasses can only be transported within London.
Loaned in multiples of:
15 Universal glasses. Maximum 300 glasses available.
8 Bordeaux glasses. Maximum 120 glasses available.
24 White wine glasses, ideal for Sparkling wine. Maxiumum 72 glasses available.

Glasses are supplied in portable polypropylene, lidded, stackable crates. 15 Universal or 8 Bordeaux glasses per crate.
The glasses will have been washed in a Meiko reverse osmosis glass washer, then polished.

Following their use, the glasses should be placed upright, lowered gently into the racks and returned unwashed.
Please avoid spilling wine into the racks.

Zalto desktop spitoons and carafes also available.

glassware-storage-crateZalto UniversalZalto Carafe 75Zalto spittoons