Please visit The Winemakers Club in Farringdon to buy wine, a Coravin and Zalto glassware, sold by The Winemakers Club.
Wine is sold for off (shop price) and on-premise (bar price) drinking.
The seated bar area also offers a cheese selection from Androuet and charcuterie produced by Winemakers Deptford.

The Winemakers Club at night

The Winemakers Club at night

Retail ¦ Meeting ¦ Tasting
c/o The Winemakers Club
under Holborn Viaduct
41a Farringdon Street

Shop opening hours:
Monday: 11am-5pm
Tues to Fri: 11am-11pm
Saturday: 5pm-11pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Winerackd Office: 020 3290 9914
(not the main number for the shop)

for all sales and advice enquiries