Winerackd Ltd. was created to help the drinker enjoy the full potential of wine by addressing all the elements that affect the perception of flavour.

In 2003, Daniel Primack’s growing passion for wine led him to work for Eurocave UK which was known at the time as Around Wine, ultimately becoming a shareholder and the Sales & Marketing Director. Wanting to put his brand-building business experience to good use, he contributed to developing the Eurocave business in the UK along with its associated wine accessory sales.
At the time, very few companies focused on helping the consumer to ‘drink wine better’.
As the availability of Riedel glass during the noughties was quite limited, Around Wine developed the shop as an exclusive Eurocave and Riedel destination making it a one-stop shop for the wine lover.

During the years to come, Daniel learned as much as possible about storing wine, wine cellar design and creation, serving wine, wine glasses and their impact on the perception of flavour. Daniel’s expertise became the context of drinking, inclusive of all the factors that affect an individual’s perception of wine. Wine temperature, room temperature, food matching, mood, hydration, colours, music and even the difference between drinking at home or on holiday all affect a drinker’s enjoyment.

In 2008, Daniel was visited by a representative from Zalto glass. It did not take long for Daniel to recognise the quality of the glass and the potential for Zalto. Quickly, Daniel became known as the go-to person for these wonderful glasses. Sales of Zalto doubled in the UK year-on-year, from 2008 to 2014, following a concerted effort to put the glass in the hands of the wine lover and establish the brand as a ‘must have’. From then on, increasing visibility via appropriate channels became key, whilst protecting the brand.

At the end of 2014, Daniel set up a new company to focus on introducing more people to the finest products that contribute to the enjoyment of wine. These include Zalto, Coravin, Eurocave, and even wine, all of which perform better than any other of their type. Winerackd Ltd is the exclusive UK importer and agent for Zalto.

To many— the majority of drinkers— wine is just a drink, something conveniently picked up in the supermarket. Something familiar and unchallenging.

For those who make it a priority, the route to maximum enjoyment is a combination of learning about and drinking wine whilst using the best equipment. But one should never lose sight of the fact that wine is a drink. That enjoyment is enhanced by knowing the wine has been stored well, opening (or not opening if using a Coravin) the bottle with a luxurious corkscrew, drinking from fine lightweight glasses and sharing the experience with friends.